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The iPhones Looks Beautiful With DLO Portable Speakers

DLO Portable Speakers of iPhoneAs we all know that portable speakers are looking very beautiful for iPods; many people have portable speakers with all types of iPods. Now for Apple iPhones every one is interested to get the speakers for iPhones also. Now Apple and all third party manufacturers are vying for a peace of the iPhone accessory market. As we know one of them is Digital Lifestyle Outfitters aptly which is called as Portable Speakers for the iPhones. Which is a very portable device, which can be assembled and disassembled within seconds of time. These types of DLO Speakers can also be used as Entire portable Entertainment Modules for Listening Music, Watching Music on your iPhones or any other phones which matches the iPhones. And some cons are present like the charging dock and volume controls at some bit inconvenient, but it is not a very big deal for such a great Digital Sound System Speakers.

Consider the Design

I had never seen such an interesting portable DLO Speakers for iPhones. These consist of a pair of speaker cups, which can be attached to a rubberized type circular platform to form a good-looking ball or globe. Or you can also say that a bell shaped instrument, which only measures about 5-6 inches wide and 4-5 inches long, and is very small which can be kept in a small bag, which we carry with us. We can easily reassemble it by just popping out the two speakers and we can connect the pair of speaker’s cables to the bottom part called as a base. A 3-4 mm headphone cable can also be connected from the base to any player with a small 3-4 mm headphone jack, even for the iPods and iPhone. When we fully assemble it the cable can be clutter and tangle little bit at the back, but it wont bother, which is less unsightly. You can power the base instrument to either an electrical outlet or Four AA batteries. When we lay it flat on the ground, the base is only 2-3 inches tall. The switch is very simple to put on and off.

DLO Portable Speakers of iPhoneThe important part is that, as we know we can use these speakers with all mp3 players or iPods but the DLO Player Speakers are only made to use with the iPhones. And the Speakers are made of a plastic holder, which can be attached to the rubber base. We can use the to prop the iPhone vertically or horizontally, Many are using them in horizontal position when they use it to see the movies. As we know there no charging dock present we have to keep decent batteries charge before using these speakers. The cons here are that it wont have the remote or volume controls on the speaker system, hence we have to control them on our iPhones.

The Performance Part

Wow what a sound quality: This comes from our mouth when we listen to these speakers, no disappointment at all. The major highlight of the DLO Portable Speakers for the iPhone is that it delivers the no interference voice quality. The Speakers are very fine shielded from the iPhone’s cellular radio interference, which gives us a clean hum free sound quality. The speakers are very powerful in this size also. And the bass effects are rich quality because of the bass is situated in the back of the speakers, and you can also use the loud graphic equalizer to listen the loud sounds.

Why I like these speakers

It is an interesting thing that the DLO Speakers for the iPhone are the only portable speaker made for iPhone. Win-Win, It has a very good sound quality in this type of speakers comparing to others. And I love the transformation of these speakers, which can be easily converted into a round globe or ball shape for portability. We can assemble within seconds.


Only thing it should have is the charging dock a good speaker phone function, every one will go for this in future.
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