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Published by on Sunday, June 21, 2009 at 12:02:00 PM

GigaTribe : Sharing Larger Files and Social Networking Sites

GigaTribeSince many day i was in search of a place where i could share my larger files I found this One Called as GigaTribe, GigaTribe is a free software sevice which lets you share any larger files and bigger folders on your computer with all your friends and many other contacts, and it also lets you to get access to other friends files and folders as well. We can setup very easily after installing this software we have to decide the files and folders which we are going to share, and we can invite all our friends. And now your files and folders are ready to download any of our files and folders whatever the size it is and we can do with others vice versa.

We can also find many of the extra things in GigaTribe. For example if we need to search for a filename in our contact's folders, and we can pause & resume downloads, we can also preview graphics files before downloading them to our system, which helps us to make sure that we are getting the right picture, If we are looking to share the pictures. We can also use the chat module which is also available for use.

We can also solve the bigger and harder problem on net very easily i.e the sharing of large files with others. All available services has limits on file size, but we can find here there is no size limit. Share any long setup file or other types of files with our friends easily, or we can save any files and download any where to use on all our beloved pcs.

There is a short problem here that we have to set the firewall to let GigaTribe access the Internet. And after a months time we have the slower direct connection instead of Easyconnect. We can use easyconnect to speed up transfers and can by pass any firewall issues which are potential. We have to just upgrade the software to paid after 31 days to use the faster transfer it only costs us $5 per month or $30 for a year license.

The paid version can be included all the additional features, which are the faster download facility for all large files which can be from multiple sources, and also we can download many files at a time. and we can have more than 500 friends. so go on of standard version and decide for the ultimate version if you all like it.
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