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Best Traffic Sources: Social Network Websites - Adults and SN

The Adult Internet users are creating their profiles on Social Network Sites has been increased from 8% in the year 2005 to 35% in the Year 2009.

As we know how the children and young adults use social network sites, as per media coverage and policy attention focus. But still adults make up the bulk users of these websites. The larger portion is from the US Population for Adults then the teens, this represents that 35% is larger than users 65% of the online teens, who are also using the online social networks.

As we know younger online adults are much more likely than their older counterparts who are using social networks, with more than 75% of adults and 18-25 using these social networks, compared to just 7-8% of adults 64-65 and older. This represents that at core, use of social media networks is still a phenomenon of the younger ones.

As per the findings of some special Internet Researchers:

Most of young people are using social networks rather than older adults. The three quarters of social online adults 18-25 have a profile on a social media network site, but the percentage goes down as the age group climbs. The down level is huge for those 35-45; only 30-35% of online adults have a social profile. It again goes down to 20% for those 45-55, 10-12 % for the 55-65 range and 8% for those 65 and above.

Here we can say that social networks are used more for prevalent use rather than professional use. Both in the orientation of the social media networks that old adults choose to use as well as the reasons they give using the required applications.

Many people use social network applications for explaining and maintaining personal networks, and most of the adults, like teens, use social networks to connect with friends they already in contacts : The study shows that 90% of the people use their profiles to keep in touch with friends; 60% use their social profiles to make plans with their friends; and 40% use them to make new contacts.

And the remaining users include: Organize with other people for an event, issue or cause; some flirt with some friends; some promote themselves or their work like blogs and websites; and some makes new business contacts.

Some of the Main Findings:

Usage of social media network sites by adults has been increased markedly over the last four years. Till February 2005 it was just 8-10% of adult Internet users were using social networks. In the month of August 2006 it has increased to 17% and Last December 2008 it was increased to 36% of online Adults and Now it is nearly 40%.

As per the results now it is a day-to-day rise in social network users. In the Month of February 2005, just 2-3% of adult Internet users had visited the online Social network, Now 19-20% of adult Internet users had don so in the month of December 2008.

Most of the social network users have their profiles on MYSPACE. Most adults use MYSPACE as most popular Social Network. Most of the age group 18 and older are using MySpace, and the 22-23% of adult social network users are on FACEBOOK. And Another 6-7% have an account on LinkedIN (Most of them are Professionals) and 2-3% on yahoo and 1-2% on youtube, classmates etc. And the other 9-10% of Adult Online Social Network users have their profiles on many other SN’s like Black Planet, ORKUT, HI5, etc. – NOW in the year 2009 – Twitter is getting booms.

Some findings here are special, Typically, Most MYSPACE users are likely to be women, Hispanic or BLACK, to have a high school education programme’s or some exiting experiences with college. The minimum age of most MYSPACE users is 25-27 years. The Minimum age of most FACEBOOK users Teens and more likely they are men who are going to have their college degree. And the LinkedIn users are most likely are white men and more users are of the age group of 40+.

Most of them uses social networks for their prevalent use rather than using it for professional use. More adults are using social networks for personal reasons more than the professionals. Here the truth is that both the networks that adults choose to use and the reasons they leave for using the applications. As per the research 6-7% use LinkedIn, an online Social Media Network dedicated to the professional Networking, while the other 70-72% use other social media networks, Like MySpace, FaceBook Etc, which are used for both professional and personal purpose.

As we know most of the adult social network users primarily use social networks to get connected with their friends, and nine out of 10 users 89-90% use the networks to stay in touch with friends, and 56-57% use it to make plans with friends. And the teens, the major connections they have are people they already know them. And the other half uses these social networks to make new friends. The Professionals users are less prevalent; less than a third of social network users are using them for professional plans, what ever the site may be it is.

All the users of FaceBook and MySpace are focusing on their personal uses for their online Social Profiles. And The LinkedIn users are using their site for personal purposes. And FaceBook and MySpace users use of Professional purposes.

As per the research one-third of social network users login their profiles daily. Among the Social Media Network users, 35-38% login their profiles daily. And Other 20-23% login their profiles every few days. And 10-15% login their profiles once in a week. 23% Users login their profiles often than once a week. The major part of teens login their profiles at least once a day and 35% once a week, and 20% login less often.

50% of adult social network users have more than one profile online. The most average Social Media Network users has more than one profile on various social media networks. 45% of adult social network users have one profile online. And 25% have two profiles online, 10-12% have their profiles online and 13-14% have four or more online profiles. This calculates that 50-52% of social network users have two or more profiles online.

Most of the tow or more online profile users are men rather then women, 54% vs 47%. Social Media Network users under the age of 40-45 are more likely to have multiple profiles then 45+ users.

In the research when asked why these users use more than one profile, 25% of users with multiple profiles said that having multiple profiles helps them to compartmentalize their lives. 19% said some profiles are professionals and other are personal, 4-5% said they have different profiles for different parts of their personality and 1-2% said that at least one of their profiles is specifically used for gamming.

Study shows that mostly the users have multiple profiles to keep better track of their friends who may be spread across on all sites. 25% of the users with multiple profiles had given this reason for having more than single profile online. And some other have all but abandoned older profiles because of technological advancements or difficulties moving from and lder legacy site 4-5% to a newer or different social media network site. In all the cases, these older profiles are some time used, but not necessarily deleted permanently.

I use all the social media networks by the name “siaargroup” to make friends from all countries and all regions with all interests.

This Article is derived in brief from a longer report by The Pew Internet Project. To read the entire study, click here.
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