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Verizon HP Mini 1151NR netbook is launching this year

verizon hp miniToday there is a great news from the company that Verizon Wireless’ the first net book offering “HP Mini 1151NR” is going to start to touch the stores in most of the countries. It is first came into the news in February and then confirmed right in the month of march so the only thing left to inform you, of course, is the launching date. Ready to mark on your calendars that May 17th is the launching day folks via all channels; the same day another Verizon’s MiFi personal hotspot is also coming down. Don’t worry about the pricing It is not yet appearing in any system but I hope it will be around $200 with a two years contract after MIR. And of course some of you will jump right into your complaints and upgrading your ideas of adding up monthly fees ($45 or $65/month), telling that this isn’t a good deal! It is really a true you will definitely ending up spending between $965 and $1,445 over your two-year contract period for your data access. To those lovable, we suggest buying a comparative net book with an integrated data card of $455 or a comparative data-less net book of $305 and a USB supported modem/data card off contractible of $255. You can also pay, the best value of $45 or $65 each month for the data folks. Siaar…..
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