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Top Ways To Increase Web Site or Blog Traffic Free

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The first and fore most steps to be done to increase website traffic in free way are to submit their sites to search engines and directories. Most of the major search engines accept the site submissions for free. Google, Yahoo, Gig blast, Askjeeves are the some of the search engines that accepts free submission; you can find other search engines by searching.

Free Directory Inclusion

Directories also plays important role for increasing traffic. But choosing the relevant directory has become tedious job today. Actually free directories are not absolutely free, Some directories insists some pay for consideration of listing and some requires reciprocal link exchange. And also site listing takes some time, in free directories due to their huge requests

Alternatively you may start a new directory service and it drives huge traffic.

Participating In Forum Activities Or By Answering other questions

Participate in forum activities will drive huge traffic to sites. Yes every one have question about some thing and they will surely look in for assistance in places like forums. Choose your interest and relevant topics you want to share or get assistance form that forum. Most of the forums allows your signatures can be put through your posting. But Please be sure that your referenced site have enough content that the visitors can expect.

Yahoo answers are the huge traffic generating source to sites by the way of questioning or answering.

Sponsor Templates or Web tools

Sponsoring web tools will surely improves the traffic. Adding some tools like keyword suggestion, Back link analyzer, Page rank prediction, free space, and free articles etc.

Sponsoring templates for famous blogs like Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad will drives huge traffic to blogs today.

Otherwise you may sponsor some thing for social activities or by volunteering for some organizations like blue gross, cyber crime and etc.

Get Reviewed Or Do Some Review For Other Sites

You can participate to reviewing other sites. So many requests are made today to review their sites. Otherwise you can request others to review your sites.

Get Awards Or Sponsor Awards

If you have the good content you may apply for web awards program. Getting awards are the greatest reputation and it provides solid customer base.

Other wise you may give awards for other site. This will also drives traffic to sites. You can compensate the expenses by getting sponsors.

Requesting For Being Guest Author Or Requesting Link

Take Participate in other site or blogs activities like guest author, guiding for site design will improve the traffic to your sites. By these method both of them get reasonable traffic to each others.

Otherwise you may request for link requests from other sites. But be sure that you have got links from relevant site and your link has not placed in over crowded links place.

Article Writing Or Publishing Press Releases

Article writing is the one of the effective method of getting back links today. Back links are back bone for developing page rank to sites. By this article writing you can improve ranking as well as your writing skills. In my point of view Article writing is the one of the affordable and best method to be practiced to drive traffic to sites.

Affiliate Programs Or Partnership Programs

You may get traffic by joining affiliate programs .By these method you can get both traffic and money.

Social Networking Social networking is became the latest trend develop traffic to sites. By using this social networking you can build relationship with other participants. My space, Netscape, Orkut are the some of the social networking sites available on net.

Content is King

Last But not least, Content is king for all the time. Most of the internet users came to internet for information. So any sites will not concentrate on the content will surely loose the customer in longer run even though if it has huge traffic.
And also the low traffic sites can increase their traffic by the way of improving content.

M Sakthi Ganesh is a well known author for writing “SEO” articles for various articles and sites. He has completed his B.E Computer Science Graduation from Reputed College and Working as “SEO” in Chennai.

Sakthi Ganesh is owning the blog that contains lot of aritles and tools to Increase Web Site Traffic, More Web site traffic.

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