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Published by on Sunday, May 10, 2009 at 4:13:00 PM

Now download Windows 7 Release Candidate Free

windows 7 The New Version of Windows "The Windows 7", "Release Candidate" shortly known as (RC) was officailly published to download free. The Windows 7 Release Candidate is a totally finalized version of the OS that has successfully completed the beta part of testing and came to known as the potential software which can be made as a final product.

It has came to the news that many of the interest one are downloading the file of 2.36 GB DVD image file with the spead at 3 MB/sec. This is known as the best bandwidth set. I also came to known that Microsoft has solved distribution part of issues after the demand which were comming at the time of beta version of Windows 7 which crippled servers when it was released in the month of January the first month of the latest year.

windows 7I tried an earlier beta version of Windows 7 on my home computer in the February, and, it came to my surprise that everything worked fine. There were no new drivers to upgrade or new software compatibility issues to resolve at that time. Unlike with my experience with the Vista beta version which made me reinstalling XP several days later for many problems which i were facing with it, I am now running Windows 7 beta now and planning to upgrade to Windows 7 Release Candidate soon.

Thanks for Microsoft to release such a good version - Siaar.
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