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Published by on Tuesday, May 19, 2009 at 3:28:00 PM

Nokia's cheapest 3G phone in the News

It is in the news today that The Nokia Mobile Company is going to release three new mobile phone models today, including the most cheapest 3G model till now from the world's top mobile phone maker.

The brand new 2730 Classic is expected in the retail market nearly about $110, excluding all taxes and other operator subsidies, and expected in the market for sale from July of this year.

One of the analysts said some competitors might sell all the 3G phones for low cost, but this was the cheapest model on the market from any top brand manufacturers.

"The pricing is very interesting part, especially for all operators trying to shift users to 3G. It will definitely make difference in sales," said another analyst.

The handset market was in the worst condition in these months from January to March, leading Nokia to report its first loss.

Nokia's bigger offers has kept it ahead of its traditional competitors like Samsung, but it has lost market share at the top end of the 3G phonemarket to competitors like Apple and Research in the move.

"We already new that Nokia can bring more affordable gadgets. What is be seen is what Nokia can do in the HIGH END and how the margins will be developed if it continues to push into the LOW END," another analyst said.

Nokia is also in the mood to bring the 7020 and 2720 Foldable phones, which is expected to sell @ 95 and 60 euros, respectively.

Another brand new design 3G handset, with Nokia's traditional candy bar design, is expected at the entry-level prepaid users in both developing and developed countries.

"All the Mobile Phone operators around the world are shouting out for more cheap 3G handsets which gives them to make less their costly subsidy budgets and target high-volume bigger consumers," said another analyst.

"All the Start up consumers in regions such as Africa and Asia will going to make the coming bigger wave of growth for all the 3G handset industries and the model Classic - 2730 helps the major segment," Another analyst said.

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