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Published by on Sunday, May 10, 2009 at 5:21:00 PM

The New Sony Flash Walkman NW-E005 in Stores Soon.

As we know previously, The Apple Company had decided to launch an “A” class man oeuvre, by providing the entry-level players called "Shuffle". This made to creep in at a very interesting price with a small memory device, which had no screen or fancy parts. But as the time passed and as with its Elder brother the “Shuffle” came under the major attack from the company like Sony its latest flash Walkman the “NW-E005”.

sony flashAt the cost of a 1gb “iPod Shuffle”, Circa £95 a person can now get an “NW-E005” 2gb MP3 player that comes not only with the larger memory but also a rich snazzy screen and also with better control parts. Made the arrival in UK within few weeks We had seen this latest smaller MP3 player in the stores.

Hence we are going to see why this Sony Flash Walkman NW-E005 is called a potential Shuffle one. First part is it is with a screen, Apple previously insisted that the beauty of a shuffle was that it was in random and that's what every one needed? So as many Shuffle owners will let you know that soon it will wore off and they ended up setting the players in the sequential part and that's when we are missing the control of choosing the racks and albums.

Now Sony had arranged the NW E005 with a new latest Organic EL or OLED screen, it is made small with just one line of text displayer It is enough to navigate the looks are great and clipped on your fleece. The larger 2gb storage part of this unique thing is good to store more than 25 hours of MP3 audio which can be encoded @ 128 k bits I allows the proprietary ATRAC3 encoding format. This NW-E005 and its sisters the NW-E003 1gb players will handle MP3, ATRAC3, WAV and also WMA but lacking the WMA formats with digital rights management (DRM) or Apples ACC format, hence the only Sony connect store can give you legal downloads.

Measurements are 79mm in length just like holding a USB key in your hand and weight of just 25 grams like a small chocolate. Sony decided to give you the NW-E005 in pink, silver, blue, black, violet, and lime green at this movement with a great range of accessories like an arm bands and cases. This is again strange that the mini 512mb NW-E0002 and the 1gb NW-E003 have an option of FM tunings with it where the previous ones the NW-E005 does not have it. The most beautiful part is that all the models are with the time, stopwatch and calendar with them.

The last and the least is the battery part, Sony is challenging a run time of 25 hours when you are in the playing mode with ATRAC3 in power save mode, The MP3 part will make you think for the battery part but you can still expect over 20 hours of replay with a one time charge. That's it yes the real good thing is that The NW-E series can charge vary fast attaining 3 hours playback time in just 3 minutes of charge and that too from the USB part of its charging media.

This will come to you with Sony's “Sonic Stage Software Version 3.4” And also the solution of flaws is solved with the package part of solution, which will just prevent you with the damage part! Now you can plug up your flash player to a host PC at your home or office and let the files move over USB with the help of the sonic soft part.

Thanks to sony… Siaar.
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