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Published by on Thursday, May 28, 2009 at 4:26:00 PM

The New Presentations! (Preview Release)

Where people can work together on a presentation, All of them contributing at the same time and regardless of where ever they are staying. That’s it Presentations.

The PageMaker, Acrobat Reader Company Adobe Systems has today announced the new release of Presentation which is in preview mode, which is now, arranged for free signup as a public beta in the labs of Adobe. These presentations constructed on the set of hosting services, which also include Adobe Buzzword and Adobe ConnectNow, which is making easy for virtually many of us to create our own professional designed presentations which can be used online.

The newly constructed application also includes the buit-in tools and most layouts for adding the good looking elements which appeals visually great, which are pre-defined color sets, intelligent image placement and graphic tools for designing diagrams and using good effects. Users can also enhance all their presentations with most visual special effects, All the slide transitions and embedded videos which can also be accessed by all using the Most used adobe flash player, which is preinstalled on most systems which are using Internet connections.

Where people can work together on a presentation, where all of them contributing at the same time and regardless of where ever they are staying. That’s it Presentations.

Every one can say that there is no need to search for the latest version of adobe acrobat or have to combine the multiple copies for making to capturing every one’s changes. We can edit simultaneously, where no one is kicked off out of this presentations while other users are making changes. This application also makes every one easy to see who are made to access the presentation, you can see also who is viewing, who is going to edit and which of the slide is edited by each person.

The main thing here is that the presentation is online, all of us can access the latest type or version from any where who had the internet facility with their pc and can also deliver the prepared presentation to any one from any where when you are online via the another product called Connect Now or you can also send them offline by converting it to pdf.

The director of Marketing and product management, business productivity business Unit Mr. Erik Larson, said, “ By Adding Presentations to our existing set of hosted services, our customers will be able to extend the experience of creating and collaborating on documents into the visual world of presentations. Buzzword has helped people – from office workers and creative professionals to educators and students – express and share their ideas, and we are excited to see what our customers will do as they work together using Presentations.”
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