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Install And See Windows 7 : Test all New Features

As we know Windows 7 is the Newest Version of Microsoft’s Most Used OS

Windows Vista which was released to us all in the month of January 2007 now it is intended an update and refresh version of it.

There were many technical problems in the Vista version of Windows, which Microsoft claims to the contrary, and globally seen as getting negative results from all major companies and Engineers.

All of us found that there were problems with the early applications and most of the major problem was the driver problem such as the scanners and printers were not working.

Now the New version Windows 7 is in a pre-release state for any one wants to download and install it. Let us try it out.

This version is called as the “Release Candidate” and it is said to be the almost complete version of Windows Vista or Windows 7, but it is not guaranteed by Microsoft to run smoothly. Let us try it out.

Let us Install it and see some of the Features:


As we know Windows 7 is totally different to its grandfather versions. It has a lot of novel like features and the biggest changes are its ability to work with all fingers called the multi-touch feature.

Multi touch is the feature where you can use gestures by using two or more fingers. Which can be used on a touch pad or Monitor to control the results. A small touch can close applications. And we can expand the images and videos by your fingers using like you are doing it by your hand on a manual picture.

This function is very useful but currently, only the software’s like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Viewer supports this feature.

Microsoft is waiting for manufacturers and all the major software developers to start adding the multi-touch feature in their software and hardware’s soon


The Task bar is mostly same as the previous versions like Windows 95, but now it has been combines with the Quick Launch bar to be used as the Super Bar.

There is no text but the Icons of the programs, which are already running, and ones a user might like to run. The hovering facility allows users to bring up thumbnails of different windows, which are open.

We can also shuffle the icons to make suitable for our needs। And if we like to view all this as old type view, we can switch all back it.


We can resize all windows very easily – we have to just drag them to the edge of the screen and by which windows will automatically will fill half or the whole screen. We can also shake a window and it goes in minimize mode. And by shaking again it will appear back to the same position. We can move our mouse to the right edge of the screen and we can click all windows to minimize mode.


Most of the Desktop backgrounds are pre-installed they are wonderful and bizarre. We can also take our own group of favorite snaps and the get the desktop to display all backgrounds as slideshow.


On every modifications of Windows Microsoft has always improving the Search Feature here is also it is again improved All the search related to files and folders are produced neatly and well categorized by where they are present on the pc. Then it allows us to click their heading and it is taken to its location straightly. Also it allows us to refine our search as per our requirement.


This is totally a new feature where the non compatible application or hardware then the New Version of this Windows 7 will launch Windows XP Virtually

The New window is going to open with an XP Desktop where we can run these programs. Most of the graphic cards will support this feature but not all for this we have to check the Microsoft website to see which graphic card is not supported.


Data Protection is made here by the Bitlocker application provided in Windows 7 which lets us to encrypt internal harddisks and flash drives sot the data can be stored is accessible with a used password facility. This feature was previously available on Windows Vista version. Now it is made the Ultimate thing in Windows 7.
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