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Published by on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at 2:42:00 PM

The Huge Growth is accepted of 900% for Android – A Report

A Slow start of the Android platform has been off. It has come to the notice that the HTC G1’s sale is over a million units in a slow six months time. The study of Strategy Analytics shows 10 million handsets sale by the end of this year.

Android is getting tons of voice support from the Open Handset Alliance partners, includes both the handset manufacturers and wireless network operators. But it seems that those were only the empty promises and only one device available for sale.

We are seeing since last few weeks that only confirmations from the giant Motorola NYSE MOT, HTC, Samsung and T-Mobile that more Android handsets are one the way and most likely they will hit the retail market by the end of this year.

In another report of Tom Kang, the Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics is saying, that they will forecast global Android phones to the growth of nine hundred percent annually during this year. The Android Operating System from the major Google NSDQ: GOOG has gained most early traction in the US in the middle half of last year i.e. 2008. and it will be gradually spreading its valuable presence in EUROPE and ASIA in this year. Android is more expanding from a very low base and it is consequently growing the iPHONE operating system from another giant company APPLE, which is estimated the growth of less than 79 percent annually in this year.

Neil Mawston, another Kang;s Co-Worker agreed and said, Android has winning more support among most operators, developers, and vendors. A very low-cost model of license, its half-open-source structure and Big Giant Google’s Support for their cloud services had been encouraged most companies like HTC, Motorola, Tmobile, Vodafone, Samsung and most others to support the Android Operating System. Android is gaining good position to be a top-tier player in Smart Phones over the next five years.

Most probably 2009 will be the year of Android. Isn’t it be a great news, now we are in the middle of the month of may, till now only two handsets of Android are announced. The industry has got seven more months to give the growth and Strategy Analytics is busy with saying let us see what will be going in the end of this year.

So what you think of it now?

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