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Complete SEO Guide For html Blogger Templates

I am writing this post to provide you complete information on search engine optimization (SEO) If your blog is on custom domain, or on custom hosting servers for which you are using html blogger templates. I have implemented this SEO techniques on this blog. Don’t forget to see the source. I believe that this post isn’t the most complete SEO guide for html blogger template. If you have any idea, drop me a comment and then we can discuss and improve.

Page Title

seo page title

Standard page title for a single Blogger post is:


You can improve SEO by changing the title tags to:


<ArchivePage><title><$BlogPageTitle$> Archive</title></ArchivePage>


Use Keywords while writing post titles for better results.

Meta Keywords and Description

seo meta keywords description

Some blogger expert had already written tutorials about how to add meta keywords and meta description. It is very easy, you need to add this code after title tag.

<mainpage><meta name="description" content="<$BlogDescription$>" /></MainPage>

<ArchivePage><meta name="description" content="<$BlogDescription$>" /></ArchivePage> <ItemPage><meta name="description" content="<blogger><$BlogItemTitle$></blogger>" /></ItemPage>

<meta name="keywords" content="<MainPage>How to articles for,computer software,Computer hardware,Mobile Phones,Mobile Softwares,computer pherepherals,Computer Graphics,Web designing,Photoshop, coreldraw,pagemaker,microsoft windows etc.</MainPage>

</ItemPage> <ArchivePage><Blogger><$BlogItemTitle$></Blogger>
</ArchivePage>” />

This code prevents same meta keywords & description to all posts. It good because you will prevent a warning at Google Webmaster Tools because duplicate meta keywords & description are detected if you use the same meta codes for all posts. So, it is better if you different meta keywords & description to the homepage and other pages.

Note: Dont forget to remove the quotes and things before adding to your html.

seo guide

Heading Tag (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5) is also important for SEO. All of Blogger widgets (gadgets) title use H2 tags. But, Minima Template use H3 tag for post title and many blogger templates use H2 tag for post title. To improve SEO, you need to use H1 tag for post title. For example :

This example shows that your template use H1 tag for post title.

And you need to change post title font size by modifying your css h1 and change the font size to bigger.

Social Bookmarking

seo social bookmarking

Content is King and Community is the Queen!

Adding social bookmarking links can help you build your community and improve SEO. i use most Sociable icons see my blog carefully you will find them.


You can use breadcrumb to provide “easy” navigation for your visitor. You can find the tutorial


Related Posts

Some blogger expert have written tutorials about how to add related posts hack. All of them use JSON javascript code. Read the best related posts hack



Auto-Readmore link doesn’t have direct relationship with SEO. But, you can use it to improve user interfaces for your visitors. Make your visitors enjoy your blog, get more traffic, and SEO will follow. There are two type of ReadMore hacks. They are CSS Javascript hack based. You can find the tutorial

here (CSS) and here (Javascript)

And the Last thing is Content is the King Dont forget to write meaning full articles with keywords in title and article.
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