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Redeem Your Eternal Charm

Mother Teresa redeemed her eternal charm by doing small things, through her life with smile, love and care; this made her immortal.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. - Mother Teresa

Redeem Your Eternal Charm

Today every person portray himself as strong, potential soft human, This is one side of the face of a person which is external, the other side of your chin is your internal side that is an emotional child living in you and it is redeemed at sometimes in your isolation, sometimes in presence of your beloved mother/father, and sometimes in front of your someone dear (friend/wife/child). The emotional child in your personality, which is your inspirer, your best eternal charm, nay it is your conscience, which always comes before you in the face of your childhood, which is pure, innocent, and honest. It always tries to correct your endeavors and encourages you to differentiate between moral and wrong and make a difference in society.

Imagine how well preserved you where in your childish rendezvous with your emotional being not caring to the worldly crafts in your life and ignorant of all mischievous endeavors that you learned through your growth with life. It is indeed true the other side of your face; your eternal charm also grew with your physical growth, which is your unchanged charm of righteousness. When your physical charm started becoming beautiful not because of your morning beauty, which is going to see one day evening but because of your eternal charm which began blooming and will remain unfading throughout your life. The eternal charm, which is really going to live with you refreshingly, is nothing but your ‘conscience’ it always helps you in preparing and performing the virtuous actions and provoking you at the wrong shoots to regret and reciprocate.

The eternal charm of your conscience always knocks at you regularly to make your eyes, watch the right vision and make your ears to hear pleasant sound and stimulate your mouth to speak sweet words of sugar and make you feel the presence of its timeless charm. How best you like when you are in your babyish nature. How awesome would it be if you remain eternal in the same sweetness of charm, We all desire charm but do we really care to think about something that is called eternal charm (conscience) which we inherit, That charm, if appropriately composed can glow not only your individual self but the entire society, you know something we are very optimistic in our pretenses, Do we really care for the conscience, we speak write about it, but about its practice, we put it in concord for our vested strategic benefits. It may not be with all but many of us someway or the other compromise in this area.

One among few, who redeemed the shine of her eternal charm by serving people with smile of her praying lips and executing her worship by serving hands rising above self. Was Mother Teresa, an angel in form of woman, who appeared on earth from heaven to take the sufferings of people and provide swift healing to make them feel happy, she extended her blissful love and compassion, which was a call from her conscience, which she followed listening to her conscience with great dedication for the devotion of service and welfare of humanity. There cannot be a better example than Mother Teresa who redeemed her eternal charm by serving the people in the form of selfless service. Mother Teresa born in Yugoslavia reached India following her dictate of reason, which brought her from cross waters to this spiritual shore of India. She followed her dictate of her reason and found her heavenly home here in India. Mother teresa brought the unity of India in divinity with love, compassion, and sincerity through spreading smiles and creating the feeling of love and respect in people for the people, she truly lead her life in spreading her eternal charm by seeing and showing the righ vision and listening and making the ears to listen harmonious sound and speaking, and teaching to speak sweet words of happiness and harmony. She took the pleasure in making people to realize and rsurrect their lost golory of eternal charm in their lives. Thus, she became divine by her great sacrifices, dutiful deeds and with her helping hands, which brought healing and satisfaction to society.India today n its languid days and lure night outs putting her conscience to sleep and applying the artifical charm to their own self, which is certainly going to see the sunset, but the very important think what needed today in India particularly amongs youth is confession, confessions to their conscience to listen and shine rather speak politely correct under the fade of obliteration. Confession here does not imply you have to confess your ill deeds to yourself but to hear to the right gospel of your conscience, which wil spiritually, energized and encouraged you to come out of your stress conflict zone into the paradise of joy, where you will be surrounded by affection consideration, and synchronization. Thus, if these words really make you feel good, than you should follow them to feel gladder.

Mother Teresa felt glad by spreading charm of her conscience into the people; we may not possess that Great Spirit, large amount of sacrifice and indomitable tolerance, as mother posses, because every natural self differs from one to another and saints are rarely born.

Redeem Your Eternal Charm

However, you wish to be content and like to feel glad and redeem your eternal carm, which is difficult but possible to discover. Remember the puzzle is nothing but a wrap insight which needs to unwrap, you will feel pleasure to unwrap it, do it by just following our conscience and live happily, there are no hard and fast rules to achieve this, it can be achieved by simple objective that is make it as your purpose of your life to remain happy and tackle adversity with braveness and follow our conscience every time when it compliments or pricks you, than the eternal charm start fascinating others and makes you feel glad.

Believe me to achieve success; you have to make success as your oxygen, which is never defeating eternal truth, Do not put success as ambition or prediction like just putting words into mouth nevertheless of twisters coming in your way you will certainly find your desired destination. One doubt may creep in your mind if you are following the truth than why twisters in reaching destination. It is because success is not final it is a life long process a never ending learning process you’ll at every step of your life grow, the zenith never comes but only the step before the final destination, equally if you slipped while climbing the steps, it is not fatal or failure that you have slipped or failed, the twisters are cradles which hold you and put you back with powerful energy and courage to walk on truth firmly and stiffly to triumph. Hence, count on both and success will count on you most.

Today the eternal charm is in you; you have to constantly, watch, speak, hear, and feel your charm to evolve and redeem it. You have to realize this glory in your favor in feeling glad and making others to feel pleased by your eternal charm and being charismatic in showing courtesy to those around you.

“We cannot choose to be born, we cannot choose our parents, we cannot choose our country, and we cannot choose our history. But in a choice less society, we can choose to live honorably or dishonorably. We can live courageously or in cowardice. We can live with purpose or go adrift. We can live a life of significance or live with triviality. But in the end, forming a destiny is what ambition is all about and how you achieve and lead towards it”.

Happy beginning in redeeming your eternal charm!
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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