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Overcoming barriers in Communication

A person’s prejudice against gender, religion, caste, age and class does not allow him to mingle with everyone. You don’t sit with the people who are not socially or economically at par with you. You have to break this barrier for a good communication. Due to the generation or the age gap teenagers don’t like to have fun with elderly people. Amongst an African tribal people named Burundi, the peasants deliberately use low form of verbs even if they know the language when speaking to their socially superiors to indicate respect which forms a barrier too.

Social and sexual roles have influenced the grammar of the language. There are good and bad people in every section of the society. You need not have a grudge against them. At the same time, you need not hide your identity and you will be very natural. Learning to communicate effectively with everyone is skill worth possessing.

There are two untidy and deplored features of everyday speech i.e. an efficient
transmission of information and establishment of a relationship fostering
willingness to receive. Because language is a means of communicating thoughts an
feelings, not only language but also cries, thoughts, signs, gestures and
pictorial representations serve the same purpose. This is what we call the body

It is very common experience that people are surprised and often ashamed when they hear their own voices on recording for the first time. An of course, it is very natural too.

Because no one likes to believe that he is a stammer or he splutters in fits and starts, but for the part, he probably does nevertheless.

The body language plays a very significant role in communication, refers to all external stimuli, that is, physical appearance and personality. Our body always conveys a meaning of some kind even if we are not conscious of it. In fact, the human mechanism is so closely integrated that all its parts work as a whole. We communicate not only through words but also through our whole body. There are occasions where body language gives great strength.

Whenever we ponder over the point of communication skill, there comes the question of good pronunciation, grammar, usage and vocabulary. Therefore, intelligibility both in spoken and written language is very first requirement. Speakers with an excellent understanding and command of syntax and lexis may grossly be unintelligible because they have a poor Acceptability is also an important factor. It depends on the community in which that language is used. Be sensitive towards your listener’s ability to understand your message. Remember the psychological rule that everyone needs someone to talk, to hold, to be with, to share emotions, and hence, the need for communication.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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