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Nutrition and Dietetics an Upcoming Career Option

The Sedentary life coupled with immeasurable stress, strain and tensions of all kinds have given rise to a wide range of ailments and maladies like hypertension, diabetes cholesterol, sodalities, angina, heart attack and so forth. These problems have generated a global awareness about the need to stay healthy by selecting one’s daily diet with abundant caution.

Dietetics is the science of managing food and nutrition to promote health. A relatively new profession, this field has gained importance with the realization that inappropriate eating habits can lead to many major diseases and that quality of life depends on the quality of food we eat.

This is exactly where the nutritionist and dietician step in to teach people the art of healthy living at no extra cost.

Dieticians or nutritionist help to promote good health through counsel and educate them about healthy eating. Selection and preparation of food items according to the principles of nutrition and evaluate and make changes in their client’s diet periodically.

Dietitians promote nutritious eating habits through education and research, as well as through overseeing the selection and preparation of food services for many different institutions and groups. They fix nutritional regimens for patients in hospital athletes in physical training camps; mountaineers on an expedition as so on. They do research on nutritive value of food which helps to understand the various components of food we eat and the right type of food which provides a balanced mix of the essentials like vitamins, minerals etc and the right type of food which help to understand the various components of food we eat and the right type of food which provides a balanced mix of the essentials like vitamins, minerals etc needed for the human body, They study the digestive process the various reactions of food stuffs in the body and find out what is harmful and thus helps to prevent diseases through a proper diet program. Some of them specialize in areas such as obesity, pediatrics or diabetes, they from a vital part of the health team.

It is interesting and challenging you will se people with a range of conditions who will benefit from a different diet.

It’s rewarding because you could be doing work that will help improve people’s general health and prevent diseases.

Organizations involved in food product management use the services of the nutritionist or dietician to plan and research new products in the mass media where top priority is given to disseminating vital information on healthy living,

They could find employment in hospitals, research labs of food clubs; teach the science of nutrition and dietetics in college and universities.

They can also work as consultants or do private practice.

The trends today show an increasing interest in Health & Fitness so the prospects in this woman-dominated field are bright.

Eligibility: People opting for a career in deities and nutrition should study home science or deities and nutrition, food science technology courses at the graduate levels. Other option is to a one year PG Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics.
Fresh dieticians usually undergo training for 1 year in the F&B department of the hospitals.


Nutrition and dietetics is a vital, growing field and the opportunities and possibilities in this field are endless, they have excellent rates of employment. A career in dietetics offers a wide range of career options, in Public & Private health care sectors and government sector; many graduates also work in overseas countries. As a health qualification the bachelor of Health Science also allows entry to general related positions.
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