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India An Emerging Knowledge Hub

With the fourth largest reservoir of scientific manpower in the world and numerous institutions engaged in frontier areas of research & development, India is emerging as the preferred hub for knowledge based industries. Its skills in the knowledge economy are not restricted to information & communication technology alone but spans agriculture, defense novel drug discovery, biotech, nano technology, missile technology & space.

India’s efforts to become a superpower in knowledge economy are spearheaded at the highest level by our honorable former president Dr. A.P.J. Abul Kalam, who is a noted scientist himself and also by our honorable Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, who is an Oxford & Cambridge educated economist.

While addressing the India’s 4th annual conclave Dr. Manmohan Singh said, “it is often said that the 21st century will be the knowledge century. We in India are proud of our inheritance in this regard”.

The Prime Minister has also proposed a Diaspora Knowledge Network that will establish a knowledge corridor between India & the top achievers in the 25 million Diaspora spread across 110 countries.

Already, Microsoft, General Electric, Intel IBM, Boeing & Google are some of the 100 odd global firms that have setup R&D centers in India, & Many more are actively considering similar facilities.

Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, Information & communication Technology, legal support, intellectual property research and design and development for auto & aerospace are some of the areas where India’s Strength lies.

GE’s state of the art lab in Bangalore does R&D in areas such as engineering, electronic systems, ceramics, metallurgy, catalysis, advance chemistry, new synthetic materials, polymers, process modeling, simulation & IT.

Scott Bayman, the president of GE India, says “I have immense faith in the
intellectual capital of India and the amount it can contribute to GE’s success.
GE has a technology center in India named after John F Welch, which is the
largest of its kind outside the US
India has conducted a test flight of Saras, an indigenously developed civilian light transport aircraft, developed by the state run center for Civil Aircraft Design & Development. It is the only country from the developing world & sixth globally to fabricate and launch its own satellites in geo stationary orbit, with even plans for a moon mission in 2010.

A study by the Confederation of India Industry (CII) estimates that India would emerge as a $17 billion hub for knowledge process Outsourcing by 2010, growing at a staggering 46% annually.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is a new sector, which promises to chart a new career path for the intellectual, analytical and knowledgeable people, with a pay scale much higher than the BPO sector. The basic difference between BPO’s & KPO’s is that BPO’s mainly deal with customer care & technical support through communication, transaction processing, telemarketing etc; whereas KPO is the off shoring of knowledge intensive business processes that require specialized domain expertise. It involves high-end processes like valuation, research, investment researches patent filing, legal & insurance claim etc. High-End outsourcing work has very good payouts and use Indian brains for world-class jobs. Chennai & Bangalore have a strong advantage of being the main KPO centers in the country. Both cities are near education hubs. More & More international companies are heading to India to setup their own KPO’s.

With a whopping US$ 17.2 Billion in IT exports for the financial year, Indian IT companies are on al roll. By 2010, experts predict that Indian IT will generate $60 Billion in export revenues. According to Kiran Karnic, the president of NASSCOM (National Association of Software & Service Companies), the IT sector, by 2010, will contribute 7% to the national GDP and account 31% of exports.

A report commissioned by NASSCOM reveals that Indian IT is on the road to becoming a brand icon like French fashion & Japanese automobiles.

There is also good news for those set on IT careers. The industry will need 23 lakh workers with a potential shortfall of 5 lakh IT and BPO professional. Directly & indirectly the sector will provide employment to as many as 90 lakh people.
In a recent study, global consultancy frost and Sullivan said that India had taken a lead over China in the global movement to outsource R&D, while a Mckinsey survey said large corporations find India a more attractive hub for R&D than china. All this is happening because of the rich and vast talent pool of technical manpower in India. It is estimated that the headcount of our scientific manpower is arguably among the top-5 in the world & second largest in terms of knowing English.

To sharpen India’s knowledge edge in the 21st Centaury Dr. Manmohan Singh has established a unique body, the knowledge commission, under SAM PITRODA, who led India’s telecom revolution in the mid 1980’s

India today has more than 250 universities & many more R&D units, professional colleges & institutions. On an average, more than 3,50,000 engineers & 5000 PhD scholars graduate from Indian Universities & Colleges every year. With such a pool of qualified, English – speaking, scientific & technological manpower, India must have the ambition to become a large base of research & development activity.

The time has come for us to create a second wave of institution building and of excellence in the field of education, research & capability building in India so that we are better prepared for the 21st century.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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