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Published by on Wednesday, March 18, 2009 at 12:02:00 PM

Seven Simple Steps to Solving Strange Problems

Every one of us would love to live to the fullest and relish the charm of life but we face certain situations and are unable to come out and end up making life miserable and stink in the problems. Indeed our life is blended with sweet and sour experiences. It is truly said ‘one can cross the ocean without wetting a feet but cannot cross the ocean of life without wetting our eyes” You don’t need to lose heart when you are in the ocean of life you need to face the tide. Remember every tide shall move back and every mountain has a peak and there are some moments we are faced with negative situation, but just as every cloud has a silver lining every problem brings with it an opportunity to mature and grow strong, Here are few simple steps to beat the odds and get going in life..

1. Learn to relax under pressure

Every problem has its life span, some problems are just solved as time goes on, and later on you realize that, you have unnecessarily wasted your time and energy by fretting and weeping for nothing. If you panic under pressure you will not be able to listen to your intuition and which is very vital in solving problems.

2. Find the root cause of the problem

Once you have learn how to be calm and relaxed, now reflect on how you got into the situation, whenever we are faced with a problem our tendency is to find someone to blame for it, before blaming anyone let us reflect on what has been our part in the given situation and see how we can correct it to avoid such problems in future.

3. Be optimistic and have a good self-image

Most of the time we are bothered about what people think about us, but in reality what effects us the most is our own opinion about our self, what is my “Self-Image” do I see myself as just another human being passing through life being unnoticed and making no difference consider your self special because you are a unique creation of God, you are not created just to exist for sometime and disappear from the face of this earth into nowhere, but you are here to achieve and live a life of significance.

4. Communicate

When we are angry with someone we tend to go silent on them, it is better to be quiet when you are angry but once the feeling of anger is under control, we need to keep our mind open and talk with the person because lack of communication only increases misunderstanding and a lot bitterness is bottled up and this further spoils the relationship.

5. Avoid arguments

While communicating keep in mind that your relationship with the person is more important than winning an argument, the question here is not about winning an argument but about winning the person, because most of the time people are unable to see from the other’s point of view, and forcing them to see it will only aggravate the situation, the best solution is to be kind and patient with them and wait for them to arrive at an understanding by themselves.

6. Be mature and think objectively

Calm down and for some time look at the situation as tough it is happening with someone else and this person has come to you for advice, just imagine what advice would you give to the other person, now turnaround and give the same advice to yourself, most of the time we are very good at giving advice and counseling others, but when it comes to our own problems, we don not use the same talent for ourselves, that’s because we are very much preoccupied and emotionally entangled in the situation.

7. Have Patience

Rome was not built in a day, we need to give some time for things to workout, be patient and in the due course you will reap the rewards of all the sacrifices and sincere attempts you’ve made towards solving your problems.

Do not let your problems overwhelm you but overcome them with courage, as Denis Waitley rightly said,
Don’t dwell on what went wrong instead, and focus on what to do next spend your energies on moving forward towards finding the answer
lets move on in life with strength and vigor and make life worth living.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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