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Rudraksh - Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb - Website is Launched

Rudraksha - In scientific terminology, Rudraksha is known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb. It is endowed with religious, medicinal and spiritual significances, originating in pre-historic times from the tear drops of Lord Shiva. The seed contains secrets of the entire evolution of cosmos within it. These beads are mystically potent for all human beings in which the almighty is encoded - the deep power behind its existence. Its mystical powers can be seen in all related field of Wealth, Health, Prosperity, Protection, Self-Empowerment leading to freedom of suffering since time immemorial as shown and recorded in ancient scriptures

Our mission is to help people to remove any issues such as helplessness, stagnation, ill-health, spirituality, poverty and to raise the spiritual consciousness with the usage of Rudrakshas.

Rudraksha Power is a well known and recognized Private Limited Company. Our Headoffice is based in New Delhi. For last 19 years, we have been supplying Rudraksha all over the world. Established since 1990-1991, supplies genuine High quality Rudrakshas. We collect from farms & local villagers using stringent and defined measures like our instant identification procedure ( Experienced Eye Test ) and very minute detail like shape, size, texture, color etc for Genuinity and Best Quality Rudrakshas for our customers.

We started our online internet trading business in 2002 and since then the supply to international markets became more successful and faster. We are now able to deliver International Shipment within 3-4 days worldwide.

Each season we collect fresh, high quality Rudraksha of the season, converting Rudraksha beads into beautiful wearable items some of which we have displayed on our site. We also design wearable Rudraksha items according to the needs of our customer. For this we have skilled artisans who are trained in Thread, Gold and Silver work and follow Rudraksha stringing as detailed in our holy scriptures under our director's presence. The beads we supply or use in combination Mala are fresh, natural, genuine and of very high quality.

Rudraksha Power's High Quality, Authentic Rudraksha Beads, Rudraksha Kanthas and Japa Malas are blessed by the priest of Lord Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal, before it is sent. Special puja requests are also put forward to priest during blessings. We send all types of Rudraksha beads with certificate of authenticity. We also offer free authentication and recommendation service of Rudraksha beads from our office mentioned in web site. Our motto is "QUALITY, AUTHENTICITY and ORIGINALITY".

Rudraksha Power aims to build a long term business and support with all our clients. We provide customer service and support at any time to facilitate proper distribution of this highly energised beads.

Rudraksha Power was founded in the year 2002 with three main objectives -

To promote Rudraksha for the benefit of the people by removing doubts from their minds about mysteries surrounding Rudraksha and making them aware of the properties of this bead as mentioned in our ancient scriptures as well as through scientific and practical usage of rudraksha.

To supply good and genuine quality rudraksha at reasonable prices to people worldwide.

To continuously enhance knowledge on the properties of this bead based on past researches and experiences of people.

Poonam Sethi - Renowned Holistic Healer, Tarot Card Reader and Feng Shui consultant. "The more you give, the more you receive" has been the motto for the last decade for this woman of substance. An interior designer turned faith healer; this woman has gained recognition of foretelling the future to precision. An internationally acclaimed faith healer, her area of expertise is extensive and profound. A Tarot card reader, Feng Shui practitioner, Reiki healer, crystal ball reader, color therapist, Rudraksha consultant Using Rudraksha Beads, Rudraksha Pendants, Rudraksha Rosaries and crystal healer along with a qualification in anti-tantra - a means to ward off the evil eye, this lady is reaching out to thousands of people, adding color and hope to their lives and helping them achieve their dreams.

Her interest in Tarot card reading developed after she had her cards read by a tarot card reader, a foreigner, and was told that she was indeed blessed with a most extraordinary gift. As an interior designer she came to know about Feng Shui and Vaastu. This changed her life forever. She left her designer's job way back in the early nineties "to help and heal others in distress". In her own words, Tarot card reading is "not just simple talk", the combination is numerology and pictures combined with intuition that reflect an individuals future prospects. This Egyptian science has its origin 3,000 years back and has to be mastered through self-study, practice and concentration before one can suggest future happenings to anyone".

Having studied Feng Shui and Tarot Card at several institutions in Delhi and Mumbai, and acquiring, an experience spanning a decade and half, she has an impressive clientele of film stars, hoteliers, industrialists and politicians. Today, people from all walks of time and of all age groups ranging from 15 to 75 years visit her asking for a peek into the future.

This artistic lady is also the author of The Power of Feng Shui, which is the first book of her series of six books on this subject; she offers 90 practical and efficient tips, which we often tend to overlook, to improve one's health, wealth, relationships and prosperity.

A strong believer in the power of Sai Baba of Shirdi, she considers herself fortunate to have the ability to convert people's sorrows into joy. She is also an accomplished artist who has many exhibitions to her credit. Her genre of art is the abstract infused in mythology with the medium as acrylic on paper. She has been touring the country and abroad to make people aware of the faith healer's work. A complete family woman, she considers her husband Sanjay to be a steady pillar of support. She is blessed with three beautiful children and the eldest daughter Sahiba, 18, is fast following her mother's footsteps. Her ultimate dream is to open healing centers all across the country. She doesn't believe in taking life one day at a time. For her its what's further ahead that is more significant. Undoubtedly a person sent directly from heaven, Poonam Sethi, ladies and gentlemen.

Sanjay Sethi - The renowned consultant and authority on Rudraksha & Gemstones, Shri Sanjay Sethi first experienced the power of Rudraksha on his visit to Nepal in year 1989. He developed the hobby of collecting Rudraksha beads from all over the world which led him to experience miraculous results and wonderful effects of rudraksha power, he decided to share this with common people.

An MBA in finance, Shri Sanjay Sethi started organizing exhibitions all over the world very successfully and developed the website Rudraksh power in the year 2002. He is revered by his admirers from all over the world and is undoubtedly an expert in the field. Presentation of combination rudraksha, simplifying rudraksha and gemstones according to date of birth is his forte. He has deep knowledge on Hindu religion and has read various scriptures.

Shri Sethi is highly knowledgeable and experienced about the sacred attributes, properties and uses of holy rudraksha. He provides information, advice and recommendations to devotees in USA, Australia, Europe, Middle East & South East Asian countries. Shri Sethi is often consulted by Jyotishis who require advice for their clients, swamis of classical lineages, priests, pandits, yogis, yoga teachers, ashrams and temples. Every now and again, he is invited by different spiritual groups to give talks on the applications of Holy Rudraksha.

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