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Computer Repair Jobs That Aren't Just One-Shot Deals

If you are an IT professional looking for computer repair jobs, you are probably wondering where you should start. There are a lot of different options for someone looking to get into IT repair work and many opportunities for you in the small business space. A big question you probably have is whether or not you should get training first and then look for a job, or the other way around. The answer is really to always be doing both simultaneously.

The following 4 tips can help you balance what you need to find good computer repair jobs while keeping your skills up-to-date

Look to Balance Training and Client Recruitment. In order to find great computer repair jobs, you have to know how to do client recruitment and IT skills development at the same time. You probably can't afford to take 6 months off just to train, because you won't be able to pay the bills. Most in your position balance the perpetual challenge of training and obtaining clients simultaneously by devoting a couple of days a month, or a couple of weeks per year, to taking formal classroom training. Others configure in-office computer labs where they can work on testing and training with basic, entry-level server hardware. Planned properly, this can provide cost-effective, hands-on, self-guided training regularly.

Find a Partner or Reseller Program to Help You with Training. There are a lot of different partner and reseller programs that will provide discounted software or hardware for you to use internally, to help you build the skills you need to get great computer repair jobs. If you are part of a formal partner program, you will typically get a certain amount of software for your internal use as part of your annual program membership fee. This software can help you keep your technical skills sharp. And because you are running these products internally, you can get proficient conveniently in your spare time before you go out into the field.

Know Which Training is Available to You. As someone looking for computer repair jobs, you should be familiar with various operating systems as well as the common software applications you will find in business environments. You also will need to know how to work with computer hardware and set up peripherals such as printers, routers, and other items. You can find courses at a local community college or trade school if you feel you want to learn more about the broad range of technologies in a formal setting.

Don't Get Too Hung Up on Certifications. When you are looking for computer repair jobs in the small business arena, don't worry too much if you don't have advanced technical computer skills. You can build skills quickly by just putting a little time each week into self study. A lot of smaller small businesses will actually frown upon a computer repair technician that has too many advanced certifications and will think of that technician as too advanced and expensive to meet their simple needs. As long as you know the basics, you will be well-equipped to get a lot of simple computer repair jobs and start to build a good client list.

In this article, we talked about 4 tips for getting more clients for your business.

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