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Monday, December 29, 2008 at 6:08:00 PM

What Is Online Banking And How You Can Benefit From It

by: Joseph Kenny - The internet has become an important part of our lives. There are many of us who rely on the internet to communicate with our friends and family. Online shopping is also making buying new and used merchandise easier. If you enjoy using the internet to communicate with those that you know or to shop, you may also enjoy banking online. Online banking is rapidly increasing in popularity. If you do not already participate in some form of online banking, it is likely that you will in the future.

When it comes to online banking, there is often some confusion. Many individuals, maybe even yourself included, feel that online banking involves a bank that does not have a physical branch location. There is such a thing as an online bank, also sometimes referred to as a virtual bank, but that is not all that online banking is about. You can also participate in online banking with your local bank. In fact, this is the most popular type of online banking.

If you are interested in participating in online banking, you will first have to determine whether or not your bank offers the service. A large number of banks do, but not all of them. You will find that many national or statewide banks offer online banking. Smaller banks, often only consisting of five or so branches, do not always offer the service. Even if you have never heard of online banking being offered at your local financial institution, you are still encouraged to ask about it. You never know, but if enough customers are interested in it, your local bank may decide to start an online banking program.

Online banking means different things to different financial institutions. You may find that different banks offer different online services. Despite the difference in services, you will find a number of common services. These services are likely to include the online paying of bills, the online ordering of a debit card or checks, or the altering of your bank account information. Perhaps, the feature that most enjoy is the ability to pay bills online.

Most banks offer online banking free of charge, but you may find a financial institution that charges you to use this online service. If you have yet to choose a bank to do business with, you may want to keep this potential fee in mind. If your bank will charge you a fee, you may want to consider whether or not online banking is right for you. As with all other services, online banking does have its advantages and disadvantages.

As previously mentioned, the greatest advantage of online banking is being able to do a number of things right from your home. If you are looking for an easier way to pay your bills, you will enjoy online banking. Instead of having to pay for postage or write a check, you can simply use the click of a mouse to pay your bills. There are also banks that offer online calendars. Combined with quickly being able to pay your bills, you may find that an online calendar will help to eliminate any late payments.

The biggest disadvantage of online banking is having your information online. There are many individuals, maybe even yourself included, who are concerned with the security of the internet. As long as your bank’s website is hosted on a secure website, which most are, you should experience no trouble at all. Aside from getting over the issue of trust, there are very few, if any, disadvantages to banking online.

Before making a decision as to whether or not you want to participate in online banking, you are encouraged to speak with a bank representative. You may be surprised just how convenient and easy it to use the internet to do your banking.

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