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Monday, December 29, 2008 at 5:41:00 PM
by: Melissa Galt - So you’ve got Spring Break coming up and the Easter Holidays are around the corner too. This is a great time to give your interiors a lift. Certainly you’ve probably already planned some Spring cleaning, but really make it count and clean out. This is a perfect chance to get rid of clutter and give to those in need. April is the showcase month for the Atlanta Furniture Bank’s charity event ‘Chairish the Future’. Funded by generous donations from major manufacturers, corporations, and individuals, the Furniture Bank is a hopeful repository of all types, sorts, sizes, and styles of furnishings, many in need of some repair. For this event, primarily chairs (though some other pieces are included) are donated by the Bank to artists, designers, and architects around Atlanta. These talented folks then redesign and redecorate the pieces and they are displayed at Atlanta’s Lenox Mall (April 8 – 14, 2006) before being auctioned. The proceeds benefit many of Atlanta’s homeless citizens. (Your city may have a similar charity event.)

While you are cleaning up and sorting it all out, take a moment to review your furniture. Are they still all your favorite pieces? Perhaps you’ve got one or two that are bit worn around the edges, frayed at the seams, or you just really want a change. This is a chance to provide valued used furnishings to others, get a tax write-off, and give yourself an excuse to splurge on a new piece or two. The Furniture Bank of Atlanta or other charity needs your castoff furnishings! Of course, you might want to check out what goes up for auction, in case chairs are your bag. Personally, I collect them! At last count, I have 6 spare chairs, 2 benches, and 2 poufs all in my living room with my sofa, tables etc. Yes, it is a bit crowded, but great for those entertainment opportunities, and very flexible. My mini-chair collection is a bit larger, but fits on a bookshelf, so easier to manage. So take a look around, what furniture pieces are you collecting?? What do you need in your room that will add function, fun, and bring a smile??

Almost every room benefits from a single piece of furniture that is a bit unusual in shape and form, and can be moved easily to accommodate extra guests. It could be a chair, a bench, a stool, a pouf, an ottoman, or anything you can sit on, even a bicycle in the corner. Speaking of which, sometimes it is best if the extra piece is mobile on wheels. Be careful, if you have children, this may become an interior mode of transport, scooted room to room!

Some of my favorite examples are a cardboard (yes, that stuff that boxes are made of) rocker a client found. Astonishingly comfortable, very sturdy and velvety with wear, a wonderful surprise. The hidden recliner in leather is also a good option, satisfying the men in the family with their LazyBoy dreams, while still fitting in even the more formal of rooms because it doesn’t look like what it is! Storage ottomans are always a good bet, providing secret space for games, a snack stash, or even too many remotes (go universal!) Again, my collection is eclectic enough to include a clear acrylic chair (a bit disconcerting to sit on though), a chair with bells in the back stiles, and still another with a twine woven seat. It adds interest, texture, and curiosity and best of all, still functions.

‘Tis the season to clean out and clean up! Take advantage of a Spring Fling to get out the old furnishings and welcome some new pieces. You’ll have a fresh perspective, and a great excuse to entertain.

© 2006 Melissa Galt

About The Author

Melissa Galt, Lifestyle Designer, Speaker, & Author, is the owner of Melissa Galt, Inc., a full service interior design firm based in Atlanta. She has been decorating clients’ homes all over the Southeast for more than a decade, making their interior visions come true. She speaks to audiences nationally, on how to use design as the catalyst for “creating the life you’ve always dreamed of”. Melissa is the creator of Design Destinations, a free monthly guide to designing your signature life. To sign up for her FREE monthly newsletter, visit
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