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How to use keywords and sentences for listing in search

The best way to control the exact search engine position for your site to come in search engines is making sure that your key words and sentences are optimized which have a positive effect.

Since many years, many search engines have came with fees for registration or Pay-Per-Click system, paid inclusion, sponsored listings and keyword purchase, which will affect positioning. Many still do give you free listings.

Search Engines are using 'robots', 'spiders' or 'crawlers' that crawl entire web sites and place the index entries for that Search Engine. Search engines checks for the number of times keywords or sentences are used within a piece of text. When the search engine gets a search request for a particular word or sentence it draws up a list of sites based on a keyword relevancy rate.

Why is this important?

It is very important get your website listed near the first of the search engine list; Many people will not search beyond two or three pages of important websites.

Keywords and Sentences what is this

These are the words searchers enter into search engines to find web pages with text they are in need for. Key words should always be two to more words, in other words, sentences. If you only use single keyword you are likely to get lost in the public. Say for sample, if you have a site that especially in 'creams and beauty products', list that as a keyword sentence instead of listing each word ie: cream, powder, face wash. It is not likely that someone looking for 'creams and beauty products' is going to type in just 'face wash' into their search. Can you imagine all the sites that would come up if that were the case? Be specific with your keyword sentences. Put yourself in the place of the person doing the search. What words are they likely to type in as their search box?

You can use Google keyword tool which gives lists of keywords and sentences many have used in the last month for searching for specific keys and the number of times these sentences have been used. Enter a sentence that you think many will search for and see what other related sentences come up.

Use common descriptive words – try to think up 10 sentences or more. Do not assume that many of them will know the name of the firm they are searching for. Remember - most of them will use more than one word to search to enable them to get more correct searches.

You are not in need of a many keywords. The program will not read all of them. The standard is 1024 characters. The space bar between your keywords also counts as a character. Do not use spaces, use coma's to distribute your keywords. Select your keywords very systematically, and design them in order of importance.

How to increase my search listings?

You are required to submit the main content pages of the website to the search engines and each other page towards a different key sentence or topic to give more ability to being found in the engines. For example, your site may have the following main topic pages – Insurance – Items – Services - Don't put keywords tags for these sections with every word you could use, give a short unique set to each of the sections. This means any page can be a point of entry to the site and you have several points of entry giving your site luckier of being found by a searcher.

What are the places keywords and sentences to be inserted on my site?

Html title tag is the main important place of your website to be inserted the keywords or sentences.

Search engines display the text available between the tags in the results of your site. The title should use key sentences which are descriptive of the website.

Say for Ex:

TITLE – Siaar Group's Best Indian Blogs (this does not tell potential users about Siaar Group)
This would get much better results: TITLE –Siaar Group – Siaar the Best Indian blogger who write content rich blogs.

Body text, title and heading

Keywords/sentences should be used in the body text of a page, especially in the first para. There should be repetitions of keywords here – between 2 and 20 if possible.

The Main para should be heavy with keywords, but it should readable and understandable. Work the keywords in so it sounds natural for them to be there.

The keywords and sentences should also be in the page title and any headings. Some search engines also read 'alt tags' for images, so you have to insert at least one key sentence.

If you fail to add your key sentences to your title tag and in the text on your page, then your ranking with the search engines will be in bottom, no matter how many keywords you are using.

I have heard about Meta tags what these are.

The content in the web page, that the search engines can see but are not usually seen by the user when the page is viewed while browsing.

Meta tags are very much useful in getting better listings in the search machines. However, some of the search crawlers ignore them. Insert Meta tags in your document for the engines that do use them. It can increase your ratings.

There are different types of Meta tags are there. The most which are to use are the 'description' and 'keyword' tags.

The description tag uses a summary which stands when your page comes up on a search. If you don't insert your 'description' the search engine will create one by itself. It will generally use the main lines of text at the top of your website codes.

The keywords tag is where you list your key sentences.

Meta tags are not the only solution to getting listed in search engines. You can use Meta tags only with other methods, such as having a very good and content rich web site; You will get good ranking in search engines.
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