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How to get targeted traffic – inbound links to your site

How to get dozens of quality inbound links to your site with a little-used but highly effective strategy that will take you about 30 minutes a day to set up.

One of the most targeted but neglected ways to promote you is through forum and discussion list posting. This is where you post a question or answer to a forum, discussion list or message board that is related to your business.

As other participants read your post(s), they will see your name, and possibly your URL. Some of them will visit your website and some of them will buy from you.

How to find forums, discussion lists and boards

Start at Google and type in: "+wwwboard +your keyword" then "keyword forum" then "keyword discussion". You'll get links that are related to the keyword you selected.

Many forums and discussion lists let you include a hotlink in your posts. As long as you are subtle and don't blatantly advertise, you'll probably be okay.

The key is, before you submit a post with a hotlink, do some research. Read at least ten posts and threads to get a feel for what is acceptable.

For example, if someone asked for help creating an e-book, you could reply with some advice of your own, along with, say, three links to e-book resource sites. If one of those sites happens to be yours, that's probably okay. Just be helpful and subtle.

The trick is to write your response title in such a way that it creates interest so people will read it.

For example, I recently replied to a post from a woman who wanted a critique of her classified ad. The title of my response was, "How to write a good blog." I gave her some basic advice and referred her to one of my blog. She replied with a "thank -you". I know from my server logs that other people clocked on the link. This is targeted traffic.

Many people like to remain anonymous in their posts, but you shouldn't! Sign your posts with the name you are known by on the Net.

When using this strategy, be sure to post only to places that are relevant to your area of expertise.

If possible, try to find posts that are at least a year old. Often, old posts go unmonitored by the board's administrator. If this is the case, you might "get away" with a less subtle promotional post.

Once your submission with hotlink and name gets posted, you should submit the URL of that page to the search engines. Eventually these pages may get spidered and indexed. Every instance of your name and URL on other servers helps ALL your search engine submissions!

Bear in mind that you will also be effectively creating doorway pages to your site on dozens – even hundreds of different servers, so make your posts count.

The way many boards operate is the post is repeated in the text box section of the "respond to this message" portion of the page. This works to repeat the page text twice to those search engines that can read the form portion of the page.

Many wwwboard pages rank high on certain searches because of this "repeat text." Use these boards if at all possible.
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