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Sify Internet Connection on two pc's

Dear Friends,Sify has arrived here two years back, many customers are using sify connection in Gulbarga, They are providing connections through network cable - i.e. one connections can be used to one system.

But many customers ask me can i share the connection to my second pc. Because many of them are having a second pc, some are using two pc's at home one for personal use and another for children. And many of them are using two pc's at office, one for personal use and one for their steno or some thing else.

I found a solution - that they can use single network connection on two pc by sharing - The method is some what difference. and you required a hardware professional to do it.

I can guide you the steps to share the connections on two pc:

Ready set go.

1. Assume that you are having a single network card on your pc - either it is onboard or attached on a PCI slot:

2. Sify is giving you connection on the network card which is available on your system.

3. They are providing you a IP Address which is some what like: or some thing and also they are providing you a gateway - and 2 DNS which you are using on the main pc.

4. You have got the sify dialer from where you are connecting for internet.

5. Now you are satisfactorily using the internet connection ok:

6. Now the hints begin to connect the second pc

7. First of all you have to purchase a new network card of 100 mbps and place it on the empty PCI slot on your main pc - and if you already have a network card on your second pc it is ok other wise you have to purchase one more network card for the second pc.

8. After installing the drivers for the second network card on your main pc restart the system and install the drivers if required.

9. Go to the properties of my network connections, you will find two sets of local area connections. Find out the one which you are using for sify and name it sify:

10. And for the other one name it other or some other name,

11. Now right click on the other network card TCP IP setting and select obtain IP address automatically.

12. Now you require a network cable, select the length as per you requirement.

13. You have to crimp the cable with two pins with cross cable - See cable data below:

14. After completing the crimping - attach the cable to your second network card on your main pc and the other pin on you second pc.

15. Restart both the pc -

16. Now the sharing part begins -

17. Now again click on the my network properties and click advance settings option and share the connection -

18. The IP address will be assigned to your second card of your main pc and on the second pc automatically.

19. Now it is ready-

20. Browse the sites on the second pc - If done you are lucky. or follow the above procedure once more may be you made some mistake. - Good luck.

Cable Connection Data:

Straight Cable Diagram both sides (side 1 and side 2) of cable have wire arrangement with same color.
Cross Cable Diagram
Both sides (side 1 and side 2) of cable have wire arrangement with following different color.
Follow this link: cable diagrams
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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