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Global Opportunities for Indian Managers

Golden opportunities for Indian managers - The 21st century Indian organizations will most certainly need to negotiate some of the pertinent topics of the century from global perspective. One area of paramount concern is the people factor. The people factor may have a different meanings and attributes for different organizations, however if must be pointed out that organizations in India may consider the issues of people as a fantastic opportunity within the global context.

It should be meaningful for the "effective executives" to consider that people are the organization, and any global presence should place the citizens of an organization at the forefront of their global initiatives. People are the extremely valuable commodity to almost any avenue of commerce.

Characteristics of people focused serving leaders in the 21st century are:

Learners centered leadership.

Shortage of leadership and management talent is real, long term and widespread. To be successful, companies must invent in good leadership and management, in terms of defining their needs appropriately, hiring the right people, ensuring the right organizational structure and creating a culture that promotes management and leadership within the organization.

Shortage of leadership is a rising problem.
How did it get this way?
Do we need leaders or managers?
A leader does the right thing.
A Manager does things right.

The leader is a captain of the ship. He decides where the ship should go and when it should arrive. It is up to the manager of the engine shop, the manager of the electrical shop, the manager of the navigational equipment etc; to do things right to have the captains vision a reality.

Gandhi ji put it in this way "Be the change you want to see in the world". If you want better Leadership in your organization start with yourself. Be a (better) Manager:

If you are a manager, do not spend time on technical or production tasks that can or should be delegated and do not "micro manage". Many managers engage in these activities because they are comfortable, familiar and make you feel more productive. You need to exercise some discipline not to dive into activities you enjoy at the expenses of focusing on management tasks which can some times be more difficult or unpleasant.

Establish and communicate your team's mission, goals and objectives.
Measure progress against these goals and objectives.
Align with other departments and partners.
Establish roles and responsibilities and empower employees.
Set up hiring, professional development, corrective action, and learning practices.
Remove obstacles and resolve conflicts.
Ensure adequate processes, procedures and documentation is completed.
Create and defend productive, creative, positive culture and thoughts.
Create an organizational structure that makes the most of the leaders you have.
Add leadership and management skills screening to "your interview process".
Train new managers and leaders within your organization.

Companies that are able to acquire promote, retain and leverage people with these skills will be much more successful than companies that suffer from inadequate or improper leadership and management.

Do you aim just to stimulate your thinking or how to generate sustainable profitable growth for our organization and accelerate your career?

The accelerates are:

Clarify your purpose.
Use observation.
Collaborate to accelerate.
Deliver solutions, not commodities.
Learn from the past.
Constantly strengthen your culture.
Maintain urgency in the absence of emergency.
Schedule the thinking time.
Be creative and do the grunts.
Apply talent management.
Build you brand everyday.
Increase your luck factor.
Leverage your career assets.
Master the four primary rational thinking skills.
Clarifying Understanding Selecting Predicting
Don't be a "Me too leader".
Learn from consumers.

These are very important for the Indian Managers of the 21st Century to develop their organization and meeting their deliver of goods and service so as to satisfy their customers or clients.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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