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GHOST – Another Way for Virus Protection

Norton GhostFRIENDS: Now a day there is lot of problems occurring due to virus on computer systems world wide, so I decided to post this blog to help people to protect the computer systems permanently.

Permanent solution for virus protection is not available through antivirus programs because daily a new virus comes on system so you have to either upgrade the antivirus program or to format the PC.

So leave doing this formatting process again and again and make a permanent solutions which works - i.e. GHOST

Follow the entire process which I explain you now….

First of all Format your hard disk by booting with a win98 boot-able CD and use the F DISK command delete all partitions available on your system and create 2 to 4 new partitions. C D E F or C and D. by using the FAT32 partitions

Install Windows XP, Install all other required software's. Configure all the settings required by you.

NOTE: don't leave any software to install later. Install All the require software's before ghosting your system.

After completion of all the installations

Check whether your system is working properly.

Make ready the ghost software or download it from: keep it ready on the D: partition.

Shut down your pc Restart with Win98 boot-able CD on the dos prompt type D: and run Ghost from dos command only and follow the instructions and create a image on D: partition then restart and start working on your PC.

If you found any problems like virus and any other, then start the pc with win98 boot-able CD and run ghost and from image restore it.

Your system will be same as the one which you installed before ghosting your system.

This is a small guide to protect your system from Virus.

If you need more information please mail me or read my blogs. i will upgrade the blogs in details.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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